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Registration has closed as all our slots have been taken up! Thank you for your support!

Registration ends on 22 July 2016, or when ticket sells out, whichever is earlier.

Yes, we have an early-bird discount!
Please see our race category price table here.
Early bird offers will end 27 July 2016 at 2359h.

Please see our race category price table here.

No, unfortunately, the student price is entitled for students only.

Please see our race category price table here.

Yes we have a race pack just for you.
Your race pack comes with:

  • Your race slot
  • Official race tee
  • Customized race bib
  • New Balance Canvas Tote Bag
  • Access to FUN training events (limited spaces per session)
  • Exclusive invite to NB Run On x The Local People Lace Up to collect your race pack
  • Finisher medal (when you finish the race!)
  • Access to race participant games and activities at post-race Pop-up Festival
  • Post-race food, drinks and water
  • Exclusive 30% off New Balance Performance Gear at New Balance Experience Stores

You can refer to the sizing chart here.

You can only pay online through Credit Card / Debit Card / Online Banking.

You will receive a confirmation slip sent to the email address you entered during registration.

You may have entered an incorrect information (eg: email address) during your registration process. Kindly email us at

No changes to each individual's particulars are allowed once registration is completed.

No changes to race category are allowed once registration is completed.

No, you are not allowed to change the size of your race tee once you have selected it and confirmed your registration.

Participants between 15 and 17 years of age (as of 31 December 2015) will need to get their parents/guardians to sign the indemnity form. (you can download it here).


Yes certainly! You will need to print this authorisation form, fill it up and sign it, and get your representative to present this form together with a copy of your confirmation slip and a copy of your photo ID when he/she collects your race pack during the NB Run On x The Local People Lace Up.

Yes! We will have FUN training events, as well as NB Run On x The Local People Lace Up race pack collection. Please head on here for more details.

Please head on here for more details.

Please head on here for more details.


New Balance Run On Singapore is the first race stop of the New Balance Run On regional race series.

A race for all runners, this 7KM run can be a speed challenge for the fast or a first challenge for the new runners. Expect some healthy competition as you pit yourself against runners of your age group.

What’s more, choose to RUN ON on race day for one extra kilometer, and earn yourself an exclusive NB Run On Achievement Badge!

Runners can also expect a NB Pop-up Festival and post-event picnic with talented local bands, great food and craft beer.

It will be held on 20 August 2016, Saturday. Race grounds open at 4pm.

The race distance is 7km, and runners can choose to Run On an additional 1 km.
Timing and results will be given for both distances (7km and 8km), but race prizes will be based on participants’ 7km timings only.

You can see the full list of race categories here.

You can see the full list of race categories and the age criteria here.

Teams are 4 participants to 1 team; participants within a team can consist of all female, all male, or a mixed gender team.

All members will run the same route and the same distance (7km + 1km).
Total timing of all 4 team members will be taken for computing of race results. Only the 7km time will be taken for the computing of results.

Trackster School Challenge:
If you're representing your school, select this category.
For school students who wish to participate as a team.
All 4 team members must come from the same school.

NBx Club Challenge:
If you're representing a non-school club, select this category.
A non-school club can be any recreational or competitive club that is not part of a school or a company.
All 4 team members must come from the same club.

Vazee Open Challenge:
If you're representing your company (corporate), or if you just want to sign up as a team with your friends, select this category.
For runners who wish to form a team with their colleagues, or friends who wish to participate as a team.

As this is a timed race, the race organisers want the competition to be as fair as possible, hence the age categories are set with a smaller variance.

Yes, you are. This is a timed race, so your timing will be placed among the rankings of your age group by default.

All start and finish points will be at Gardens by the Bay East.

Yes, baggage deposit service will be provided at the race site.

No. Race entry is non-transferable and any request from participants to change their race category will not be entertained.

Organiser will make decisions about the race based on the severity of the weather, in view of your safety.

Runners who are on the routes will be diverted by route marshals to nearby shelter areas.

If the race has to be cancelled, there will be no refund of fees paid.

This is stated in the Rules & Regulations. This is mainly because the Organiser will have to pay the vendors and the service providers for the works and the purchases which were made to prepare for the marathon.

However, the Organiser will review the situation and will announce more details (if any) at a later date.


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