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A/K/A - also known as Amanda - is a curious creature with a palate for drawing girls and discovering new sounds. She has played for events at venues such as Zouk's Wine Bar, the now defunct Broadcast HQ, Butter Factory, and most recently, ZoukOut 2013. Amanda also regularly plays at other places such as Bartini, Mariko's, and Gem Bar.

Currently she is a part of ATTAGIRL, an all-girl collective aimed at bringing together women in arts and music.


Riot !n Magenta's journey could be said to be one of sonic alchemy.

Known for their distinctive soulful melodies lined with edgy, rhythmic beats, the quintet crystallizes the diverse musical elements of electronic, trip-hop and soul into smooth, synth tracks. Their music, a prism that distills colors into white light.

Weaving together the powerhouse vocals of Eugenia Yip with the mellow synths of Hayashida Ken, and the tight, precise rhythms of Khairyl Hashim (guitar), Sulaiman Supian (bass) and Ritz Ang (drums), the five-man band from Singapore released their debut EP, R3BOOT, at Esplanade Recital Studio in 2013.


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