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Race Owner - New Balance

New Balance Singapore is a subsidiary of New Balance.

New Balance, headquartered in Boston, MA has the following mission: Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. New Balance is currently the only major shoe company that manufactures athletic footwear in the U.S. with 25% of our sales in the U.S. produced at five New England facilities. The company also operates a manufacturing facility in Flimby, U.K. New Balance employs more than 4,000 associates around the globe, and in 2012 reported worldwide sales of $2.39 billion. To learn more about how New Balance Makes Excellent Happen, please visit us at www.newbalance.com.sg

Organiser - Imagine+

Imagine+ is an events and brand activation agency based in Singapore, committed to deliver premium consumer experience. We are a boutique 360° brand activation agency focused on lifestyle and sports events. We bring brands to life through creating brand experiences and build brands through interaction with consumers.

Official Hydration Sponsor - UFC Refresh Coconut Water

UFC Refresh coconut water is 100% Natural, extracted from within young coconuts in Thailand's 'coconut belt' areas where the world’s most delicious coconuts are grown. The high salinity in the waters of these areas is one of the secrets behind UFC Refresh coconut water’s naturally good taste.

Official Beer Sponsor - Wunderbar

Wunderbar - An Original German Beer

This award-winning, premium draft beer boasts a fine brewing heritage that dates back to 1308 AD. Today, Wunderbar beer is still exquisitely brewed at its own brewery in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, in adherence to Germany’s trusted Purity Law standard of 1516. This made sure that German beers are made exclusively from natural ingredients and meet the highest standards of production quality.

Come savour the rich heritage of Bavarian pride with our four delectable brews: Wheat White, Wheat Dark, Premium Pilsner, Hell.

Official Running Magazine - Run Singapore

RUN Singapore aims to be a complete resource for Singaporean runners and marathoners of all ages and abilities. It features quality editorial that provides the latest news, information and expert advice to motivate them to run efficiently and train intelligently and lead a balanced life. Be inspired by special features covering professional runners and their quests on their races as well as amateur runners who grown to love the sport. The magazine also features all aspects of the running lifestyle including health and nutrition, travel, skincare and sports fashion.

Official Social Cause - SportCares

SportCares Foundation is at the heart of a growing national movement to use sport for social good. In partnership with corporates and community groups, SportCares helps the vulnerable and the needy by activating sport for social inclusion, personal empowerment and community bridging. Changing Lives Through Sport!

Supporting Partner - The Local People

The Local People are nomadic space activators who take their art markets all around the country. Born from a desire to give craftsmen and women, young and old, an opportunity to sell their wares, The Local People art markets have now grown into a community where like-minded artists, designers and cooks share a space and their time for a day.

Supporting Partner - Uber

Uber is an app that connects riders to drivers to make commuting through the city more convenient.  Simply tap a button to request a car and a safe, reliable ride will arrive within minutes. With the option to pay by cash or credit, Uber is available for everyone and anyone! 

Supporting Partner - Kki Sweets

Kki started at Ann Siang Hill in 2009, serving you Japanese-inspired French mousse cakes that are lovingly handcrafted.

In August 2014, we moved to our new home at the School of the Arts (SOTA). Here, we continue to bring you the cakes we love.

Supporting Partner - Bada Bink! Tattoo Firm

Bada Bink! Tattoo Firm is the foremost tattoo shop in Singapore for western traditional styles of tattooing. For the boldest lines, the brightest colors, and the best tattoos that stand the test of time, look no further. Along with our resident 5 tattooers, we frequently host top notch guest artists from all around the world, from our neighbors in Malaysia all the way to the city of Berlin. Street Address: 29A Bali Lane

Supporting Partner - Juice Magazine

Having been at the forefront of the local street culture scene since 1998, JUICE has grown to become the authority on all things hip and fresh. A dynamic free monthly publication circulated at the trendiest spots in town – including F&B outlets, clubs and bars, retail shops, and tertiary institutions, JUICE constantly dishes out the latest in music, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more.

Supporting Partner - Amazin’ Graze

Amazin' Graze is an online-based healthy snack company determined to change the way people snack by debunking the myth that healthy food cannot also taste good. Being an Asian company, they incorporate the flavours of South East Asia into their treats, coming up with best-sellers like ‘Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola’,‘Salted Gula Melaka Granola’ and ‘Coconut Curry Lime’ which are also made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with superfoods. Eat better together with Amazin' Graze.

Supporting Partner - Tropical Sling

We live in the warm and balmy Tropics where never a day goes by when there isn’t a craving for something cold and refreshing. Welcome our treats in this hot and often balmy weather. Magnolia Tropical Sling ice cream which is fruit-flavored, light and refreshing, has the ability to quench your thirst and make you feel refreshed both mentally and physically. Botanical (fruits) flavored treats act as a great form of refreshment!

Supporting Partner - JWEL

Enjoy a taste of royalty with JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire! Its royal court is ruled by eight nobles whose depth and complexity mirror the intensely sophisticated taste of the JWEL royal ice cream. With decadently thick, almond-flecked chocolate coating, JWEL has made luxurious indulgence an everyday treat!

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